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  • 28 June, 2018

Pacific Biofert – 2018 Pacific Business

Congratulations to Pacific Biofert, winner of the 2018 ATEED Pacific Business Award at the 2018 National Pacific Business Trust Awards.

Pacific Biofert is an agricultural business supplying fertiliser products for the agricultural and horticultural sectors in New Zealand. The organisation was established more than 30 years ago and operates a full supply chain, from sourcing raw material to processing and value add, to delivery at the customer’s door. An international operation of the business exports technology overseas as well. The company is a pioneer in organic production in NZ and has been “continuously certified” within the organic sector since 1987 by Biogro NZ.

They have developed an internationally-patented process and range of products that utilise natural resources to create highly available and cost-effective soil and plant foods. Within the landscape of the New Zealand fertiliser market, Pacific Biofert’s point of difference in this highly-monopolised market is as an agile, customer-focused supplier. As a family owned and operated business, the organisation places primary importance on getting to know its customers, understanding their needs and delivering holistic solutions that meet these.