Are You a Leading Light in Business?

The Pacific Business Trust is celebrating it’s 12th Business Awards event at the Vodafone Event Center in Manukau on the 22nd of May, 2020.

This is an opportunity to celebrate the success and achievements of our Pacific entrepreneurs who are leading the way and transforming the business space.

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2020 PBT Award Categories

Pacific Business Enterprise

The Pacific Business Enterprise category recognises a business that demonstrates innovation, strategic thinking and a track record of sustainable growth.

Pacific Social Enterprise

The Pacific Social Enterprise category recognises Pacific organisations that are led by an economic, social, cultural, or environmental mission consistent with a community benefit, such as reinvesting profits back into the community.

Pacific Innovation

The Pacific Innovation category recognises an innovative business that has delivered a positive outcome, whether it is tangible value, creation of a new market or a competitive advantage.

Successful businesses will demonstrate that the actions required to deliver this innovation value are new.

Pacific Woman in Business

The Pacific Woman in Business category recognises successful Pacific women who own their own business.

Eligible entrants must own at least 50% of their business.

Pacific Youth Entrepreneurship

The Pacific Youth Entrepreneurship category recognises Pacific young people between the ages of 18 to 24 who successfully run their own business.

Eligible entrants must own at least 50% of their business.

Pacific Business Entrepreneur

The Pacific Business Entrepreneur category recognises Pacific entrepreneurs who own their own business.

Eligible entrants must own at least 50% of their business.

Pacific Legacy Award

Legacy award acknowledges Pacific business leaders and Pacific businesses that have consistently been successful in their business.

Criteria for entry

To enter the PBT Awards, the nominated person, business or organisation MUST:

  • Reside and/or based in New Zealand.
  • Be at least 50% owned by a Pacific person.

For the purposes of the Awards, a Pacific person is one that is of Pacific descent and self identifies as a Pacific person. Pacific Business Trust defines Pacific descent as those who are from any of the islands in Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia, except for Aotearoa. This is according to the mandate for which the Pacific Business Trust is funded.

PBT reserves the right to verify your Pacific heritage at its sole discretion at any time.

The nominated business and business people MUST NOT:

  • Be more than 50% owned by another business that does not meet the above criteria.
  • Be a government agency.
  • Be a commercial supplier to the 2020 Awards.
  • Have won an award in the same category in 2018. The nominated business can enter a different category in 2020.
  • Have an undisclosed criminal conviction.
  • Have been registered and or declared bankrupt. / insolvent

How to Enter the Awards

There are two ways to enter the Awards:

Nominate a Pacific Business

Anyone can make a nomination recommending eligible Pacific businesses or Pacific business person.

Our Awards team will make contact with the nominee and invite them to apply by filling out the online application form.

The nominee will need to provide their contact details.

Nominate someone


Pacific businesses and Pacific business people who meet the criteria can nominate themselves. Simply complete the awards entry form below at any time before the deadline.

Once an application is received, the PBT awards team will undertake a review process to ensure all the relevant fields have been completed and requested information is collected.

Should there be any missing information, the PBT awards team will be in contact to assist entrants to complete the awards entry form and complete the process.

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2020 Awards Timeline

PBT Awards Team Contact

For all enquiries related to the Pacific Business Trust Awards contact:

Robert Muller
Bright Sunday
021 672601