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COVID-19 Support

We are facing unprecedented circumstances; COVID-19 is challenging all of us and changing our way of living and working.
At this time, it is important we prioritise the care we show for each other and we come together as a community.

Below you’ll find information and quick links to the Covid-19 Wage Subsidy Scheme and our Business Support Services.

Click here to apply for PBT Support Services

What is the Covid-19 Wage Subsidy?

Can you help me to apply for the Wage Subsidy?

What business support services does PBT offer Pasifika organisations?

What if I need more information?

What is the Covid-19 Wage Subsidy?

 The purpose of the Wage Subsidy is to support employers who have experienced a minimum 30% decline in actual or predicted revenue to keep employees on the payroll during this difficult period.

  • The Wage Subsidy is calculated with reference to employees and spans a 12 week period.
  • The subsidy is calculated as $585.80 per employee working more than 20 hours per week and $350.00 per employee working less than 20 hours per week.
  • The subsidy will be paid as a lump sum covering a 12 week period.

We strongly encourage you to consider applying today.

You can find more information about eligibility and information required here.

Can you help me to apply for the Wage Subsidy?

Yes. We are ready to help now if you need support to apply for a subsidy, collect information for an application or confirm your eligibility. We will provide tailored support to prepare for the application for the Wage Subsidy.

This includes:

  • helping you to check your eligibility
  • helping you to collect all necessary records for your application.

What business support services does PBT offer Pasifika businesses?

The PBT team are helping Pasifika organisations every day during Covid-19 with practical business assistance.

Our service is free and our knowledgeable business advisors and team are helping in practical ways with personalised attention and individualised support to areas of business that a sole trader or owner may have had little experience before.

That means we’ve been working on business plans and cash flow management to building websites, and developing sales and marketing campaigns. Our service is free and you can speak to our team confidentially about your situation.

Organisations that need help to create a business response plan for Covid-19 can get funded access to additional expert advisors and resources through our partners, such as the team at Deloittes and other services providers.

We also offer tailored Business Advisor Workshops for registered Pasifika organisations that have been impacted by Covid-19 which are fully funded. These sessions are held virtually* and are designed for Pasifika organisations and focus areas of business such as finance, supply chain, talent and people.

* Please note, in accordance with Ministry of Health precautions and advice, all services will be provided virtually – either over the telephone or via video conference. Please be reassured that our people have received training on how to facilitate effective conversations and workshops virtually and whilst this does not replace in-person contact, we are confident that we will be able to provide you high quality support and advice.

All of these services are FREE and available for any Pasifika organisation based in New Zealand. Depending on your organisational needs, you may be able to access the Business Advisor Workshop.

What if I need more information?

For more information, please phone the team at Pacific Business Trust on 0800 287 7526.


Click here to apply for PBT Support Services


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