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  • 7 August, 2018

Diversity In Our Workplaces

Having been born and raised in the islands, I have learned of the uniqueness of Women. How respected we are, and the values we maintain in our families. Coming into a community as diverse as Auckland’s is, I have met unique women and men with different values, backgrounds and upbringings. People that have been bought up in different environments than I. Through these experiences, I have been able to reflect on myself. I am proud of who I am. Working with Pacific Business Trust has especially increased my interests and dignity, as a Woman, a Pacific islander and a worker.

The work environment PBT has to offer runs on principles that allow for a healthy work life balance. It is through working with fellow Pasifika people, that I have seen the importance of diversity and unity. How the presence of diverse ideas in culture, community, work experience and skill sets, is vital to a well working team. We can teach each other, while also learning from each other. It is our role to showcase and highlight the talents and skills that we have, so that we can perform well in what we do best.

Diversity is also essential in an organisation such as this, because we cater to the needs of Pacific Entrepreneurs and Businesses nationwide. We have the chance to engage with Pacific people of different races, cultures and values, yet with similar interests as us. The uniting of talents, skills and experiences, enhance the capability of assistance our people can receive. We strive to reflect a high-performance culture, where differences in perspective is valued. By reflecting the community we serve and appreciating different ways of thinking, we aim for better problem solving and results. As a team, we recognise the value in different perspectives and experiences. How these perspectives can help us improve how we approach our work and our lives.

What is good about diversity, is that it has no end or limits. It be found in the workplace, people we help out, events and programmes we participate in.  At PBT we do our best to contribute to the formation of a more productive and dynamic society. Improving our ability to see and connect with the communities around us. Our people need to feel included and valued for us to be successful in our work.  Without inclusion, there is disengagement. Embracing all people means becoming a more successful team that recognises difference as a source of creativity, innovation and new connections.  I stand for diversity and inclusion because it gives everyone the chance to work to their potential and that’s better in workplaces and communities.

Pacific leadership includes acknowledging and respecting people of all cultures that come through. Having no toleration for discrimination, and dealing with disagreements in a fair way. So join us, whoever you are! No matter what industry or generation! You help shape an active community culture which supports equality, fairness and the opportunity for all people to contribute.  You will enjoy better business outcomes as a result.