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  • 15 January, 2019

New Year, New Drive

The start of the working year began with a few changes in our organisation. With our previous Hatch Virtual CEO Tim departing PBT, I was offered the chance to take on his role- bringing my own flavour to the programme.

The idea of Hatch always fascinated me. A programme designed for young, Pacific entrepreneurs to grow their solutions and evolve their entrepreneurial minds. If it had been around earlier, I’d like to think I would have applied for Hatch. But I’m grateful for my journey which has brought me here to give back to those exploring their own entrepreneurial pathway.

                              (Jaemen Pictured to the left, with the Mahuki Accelerator team- 2017)


Having come through the Mahuki business accelerator in 2017, I have lived the benefits that programmes like Hatch have to offer. It provided me with the smarts to navigate the landscape and find my own meaning in life and in business. It brought me to my role at here at PBT. To my current start-up of which I am excited to bring some of my experience from the start-up world and Mahuki to the Hatch programme. Helping the Hatch Cohorts of 2018 and 2019 to discover new boundaries in what they do/want to do.

Over the past year, I have been able to observe Hatch, even from down here in Wellington. There is so much character in the one space, I often wondered how Tim could keep up – I know I couldn’t have. I have observed in many of my trips back to Auckland, Hatch teams coming into the office and spending a lot of time on progressing their business idea.

Some of my highlights and memories of the Hatch teams were when No Six made a splash at Kiwa Nua Nua, the girls at Kokiti being acknowledged for their work at the Pacific Business Trust Awards and seeing the teams grind out some hours at the office. Entrepreneur life is not easy, it’s not always fun and it can be a lonely journey sometimes. This really emphasizes the support needed from programmes like Hatch and organizations like PBT. Pacific excellence deserves to be celebrated but it often comes from persevering through the unknowns of entrepreneurship.

The planning for Hatch 2019 is well underway and I look forward to connecting, learning and exploring with both years teams.


       (Hatch 2018 Cohort team Kokiti, receiving the Pacific Impact award at the National 2018 Pacific Business Trust Awards)