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  • 12 June, 2018

Internships give a career path opportunity!

Internship experiences offer a broad range of career choices. The institution program has provided me with the unique opportunity to work and gain skills, through completing an internship. They are great in the fact that they provide you with the tools and skills which will improve your chances as a job applicant, making your potential as an employee better.

First, interns must be matched with a host organisation according to their academic background, career objectives, language proficiency, strengths, and other key professional skills. This process is completed to make sure your skills and interests, will be suitable for an organisation that fits you best. In my opinion, internships allow you to achieve a sense of accomplishment by contributing to the organisation. There are many learning opportunities and challenges that organisations encourage interns to face.

From my perspective as a woman, a mother, a student and a worker, having experience as an intern has made an amazing impact on my career path journey. I value myself for taking advantage of practicing knowledge from experience in other office environments. However, through my internship experience, I have been able to upgrade my skills and develop my work ethic effectively. I have encouraged myself to build a better career and success through such engagement. With being able to learn new things, we can build an individual interest for things we admire. Whether it is marketing, human resource operation, customer service, technology, business analytics or even building a good relationship with the organisation you intern for.

An aspect that I found I have improved on, is networking. Demand to produce things accurately and with confidence, is important in a working environment. Through interacting with professionals, I gained insight on how to communicate professionally. Communication and Teamwork are very important skills to have and build on. Networking has enabled me to become used to working at a fast pace. I have also improved my time management skills depending on different circumstances. Things like attending organisation events, training’s, doing my part in maintaining a clean office, or answering the telephone. Everything requires time management and you are given a sense of responsibility, as a good outcome is up to you.

It is my privilege to share how great opportunities for interns are, as we are challenged not just to complete the requirement, but I strongly believe that it’s a chance to work from inside and decide whether your career is right for you.  Internships also allow the chance to experience being with professional key people in the career area.  I am a Pacific woman, and I want to explore my experience to inspire young Pacific women and men that are thinking about completing an internship, for their desired career path. We should be proud to brand ourselves. Stand out for who we are. What we are passionate about doing.

As of today, I can say that I have completed an internship at Pacific Business Trust. Not only that- but I was also offered the chance to continue working here. I appreciate this offer very much as I can now showcase the skills and experience, that have been developed during my internship.