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  • 14 May, 2018

Dear Pasifika Women in Business, We Need Your Stories.

Given my new residency at Pacific Business Trust, I’ve had the privilege of meeting amazing Pasifika business owners, co-founders, stakeholders and networks.  It is refreshing to know there is a community of Pasifika champions in the world of business.

At 12 years of age, I found it difficult to find a Pasifika female entrepreneur as a mentor and occasionally google searched ‘Pasifika female entrepreneurs’. The search results often took me to South American, Asian or Black American female business profiles. Though I appreciated these fine exemplars, a part of me felt disappointed due to the lack of information circulating in recognizing the efforts of our own Pasifika Women – both in business and on the global stage.

One lesson I have rediscovered multiple times is simply this: We intuitively feed off the entrepreneurial DNA imbedded in our blood and it is our prerogative we tell our own stories. My journey is to explore the surrounding challenges, successes and perspectives of our Pasifika Women in the business world. It is with hope and for the sake of our future Pasifika generation, they can google search examples of ‘Pasifika female entrepreneurs’ and not be disappointed.

I am on the hunt for the next Pasifika Women champion to share her story in June. If you have a story or know of any Pasifika female game changers in the business world, I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! E: kaveinga.lisati@pacificbusiness.co.nz 

Bio: Delighted as I am of my New Zealand born citizenship, I am equally, if not prouder of my Tuvaluan heritage. Located south of Kiribati and north of Fiji, Tuvalu populates 11,000 worldwide. If you were to place this number along the world spectrum of 7.5 billion people, you will conclude that I fit well below 1% of the world’s population. Being a minority [Pasifika] + [Tuvaluan] + [female] engaged in the [entrepreneurial] + [business] + [start-up] worlds, I often find this amalgamation blend exhilarating and rewarding. On other days challenging and quite strenuous – as it is with any pursuit in life.