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  • 17 June, 2018

Building Solid Networks

One of the key factors of being a successful person, a successful business person, and successful in everything we do, is the ability to engage with people of all ages and different personalities, no matter what their careers are or their position in society.

People are interesting. Our ability to interact and to hold meaningful discussions, enables us to build character. As we grow, we learn. We also have a greater understanding of how people interact with each other. Sales people adopt this quickly, not only is it a career requirement, but it also teaches them the distinctive styles of people as their income depends on it.

Once we learn these skills, building relationships becomes easier. The key for any networker, is the ability to keep in contact and build your own networks within your carer of choice, family circles and other areas that are of interest to you.

In business this is no different. Having international connections, political connections and business connections are a must these days. Meetings at coffee shops, lunches are all part of finding opportunities. Building business, alternative incomes and gathering information is critical, as we live in a fast-moving world.