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  • 23 July, 2018

Arts, Culture and People

Arts and culture are an automatic connection to Pacific people of all nationalities.

Many times, I have witnessed this connection in action through the eyes of a business, be formed involving art and culture by Pacific people. There are so many differences from mainstream that gets me excited, and the reason for that is simple.

Pacific people have business with arts and crafts or a cultural focus through tech, have a natural attraction and purpose when it comes to things culturally. It is in our blood. From our upbringing- to our families, religion, friends we hang out with, the music we listen to, the jokes we tell.

We respect and understand all cultures. We believe that culture is the foundation from which we began. More importantly, we see it for what it represents and what its meanings are. We have the opportunity now to express it through technology, as this is a new way to showcase Pacific culture, and educate the world.

We now have Pacific leaders in this field that have taken the challenge on- setting up tech businesses. The passion is in the heart; the motivation is real and alive.

Virtual reality and Artificial intelligence have set new boundaries to conquer. With passion, motivation, the right skill set and determination, Pacific people are a natural fit for the digital space.