Business Assessment and Referral Plan


We know that running a successful business has it’s ups and downs.  There will be challenges that you will encounter along the way, but the key to managing these challenges can be found in planning.  Here at Pacific Business Trust we are focused on supporting our Pacific businesses and business owners to thrive. No matter what industry or  stage of business you are in you can arrange for one of our skilled and passionate Business Advisors to meet with you and work out a plan to help you. Sometimes all you need is an independent person who understands business to provide you with a different perspective.


  1. Either complete the form below or call us on 0800 287 7526 to book an appointment.
  2. Before your meeting with our Advisor complete our REGISTRATION FORM. (click here to download)
  3. Our Business Advisor will meet  with you and carry out an ASSESSMENT.  The assessment helps us to understand your business and your current situation.  Through this assessment, our advisor will help you identify the priority areas that need to be considered.
  4. You will leave with a REFERRAL PLAN that will identify practical steps you can take to address the areas identified through your assessment.  To help you address those areas, the Advisor will also identify a provider that has the skills and expertise to support you. So if you need support with marketing, we will refer you to a provider who can provide you with technical expertise in that field.
  5. We won’t end our relationship with you once you have the plan in your hand, we’ll keep checking in with you to keep you motivated and focused on your plan.

We know that life happens, so we are not in the job of policing progress around your plan.  The plan is yours and as the business owner, you are in control of where you spend your time and energy.  We will however, continue to connect with you whether through face to face meetings, email, phone or workshops.

Talking to our advisors is free and confidential. We realise that you may be worried about sharing commercially sensitive information, but we want to assure you that we take confidentiality very seriously and our Advisors are experienced professionals that you can trust.

Lets talk and make a plan

Complete the following form and one of our advisors will be in touch to arrange a time to meet.